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The next generation of Pioneers, Partners & Performers must be supported! For this reason, ERBER Group offers internships for pupils and students. For you, it is a good opportunity to take a look at work life. For us it is the chance to get to know potential future employees. In addition to internships we also offer part-time jobs for students. Open internships and part-time jobs are published on our online job portal. The application process is the same, as with regular positions.


“I did two internships at the HR department of ERBER Group. My tasks included managing the online job platform, correcting and translating texts, helping in implementing the new social intranet and many more. I even could gain insight in the work of other departments (e.g. Marketing). One of the highlights definitely was the Christmas celebration I was invited to, although I just had joined! I was fascinated by the casual, yet respectful tone among employees and by working in an international environment, therefore I decided to continue improving my language skills through my studies.”


“I did an internship in Product Management at BIOMIN in Austria. The working environment at BIOMIN was definitely the best working environment I have ever worked in. My colleagues and bosses were always eager and more than willing to help and explain things to me. There was really no distinction between interns and employees as we were all treated equally. I have learned so much working in both Product Management and Market Intelligence. The skills I have acquired at BIOMIN definitely encouraged me to pursue my long-term professional goals.”

Here are some frequently asked questions:

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