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Learning and Development

Companies are only as good as the people working for them. Therefore training and developing our work force is one important key of our success. Starting from on-boarding to regular in-house trainings on systems, products and work safety to external trainings on social skills, as well as post-graduate training - we provide our employees with a lot they can profit from.

Onboarding and buddy program

Having a good start into a new job is the base for successful employees. Here you find more about it under the chapter „Having a good start“.

Annual Career Assessment (ACAM)

The ACAM is the basis for your personal development plan at ERBER Group. In this annual meeting, employee and superior revise the old and set new professional targets. They also assess if any training measures are necessary to support the employee in reaching the goals.


Quite a number of our employees continue their studies or diploma courses during their time at ERBER Group or start  complementing studies to increase their expertise in a certain field. Especially in our R&D departments it is quite common to do a bachelor, master or PhD degree while being with us. But also in other processes like e.g. marketing, finance or human resources we can provide examples of successfully completed MBA or diploma studies while working for us (e.g. Cristian, Marketing Director at ROMER LABS). If additional education is in the interest of ERBER Group we certainly provide various models to support our employees financially or by time credits.

Leadership Academy

To grow our future managers from within the organization, we have introduced the ERBER Group Leadership Academy. This nine-month modular program provides our top talents with the necessary tools to exercise effective leadership in their jobs. The curriculum is based on our ERBER Group Leadership Principles.


For positions requiring special technical and social skills (e.g. Product Managers, Technical Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Team Leaders,…) additional courses are provided. They are designed as a set of trainings to support our experts in being successful in their jobs and progress in their development. ERBER Group also offers language courses - no matter if an employee is taking over new responsibilities in another country and wants to be trained or to improve his/her knowledge of the local language, or if a position requires to polish up ones English skills (our global corporate language).


Based on the 70 / 20 / 10 learning and development model we offer measures for individual learning and progression, as required for the individual development: e.g. job enrichment, participation in organizational projects and classic on-site training sessions.


On our e-learning platform ERBER Online Academy, content is available 24/7. Employees are able to take the courses whenever it is convenient for them.

Mentoring program

Our mentoring program is aimed at colleagues who are about to take a career step, have just done it or are given more responsibility (e.g. large international project). The selected mentor is a colleague, who has more seniority and therefore many years of experience in the area in which support is to be provided. This can range from sales strategies and personnel management to project management.


We want our employees to be prepared for their challenges in their professional lives. For example, if someone is to take over leadership responsibility, or feels the need to get support in a challenging project, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions in individual cases. In the EMA and North America regions, we offer general employee assistance in cooperation with external partner organizations. These organizations also provide support during challenging times in our employees’ private lives.


As a globally operating company, many of our employees are developed from within the organization. A mid- or long-term development plan may also include the need to move to another country to either expand the employee’s expertise, to establish know-how transfer from one subsidiary to another, or to work on a certain project. We offer all the support necessary to make any transition as smooth as possible.


Employees returning from a sabbatical or career break can bring fresh creativity and energy to an organization. Depending on the local/regional legal framework, the general circumstances, the feasibility within the different teams and departments, and the approval of the superior sabbaticals may be granted for educational or personal reasons.


I joined BIOMIN in India as Administrative Executive and I just completed five years with ERBER Group. My journey with BIOMIN continues to be a memorable experience with a lot of learning and self-development. What I appreciate most is the global work culture and the opportunities I get in this role to interact and support my colleagues worldwide. My background? I am a graduate in business administration.”

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