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Young Professionals Welcome!

Young professionals have finished their education and have up to three years of practical experience in a field of expertise relevant for us. In general, you can immediately start your job with us with an unlimited contract. Just go to our list of open positions and filter for career level "Young Professionals" to get an overview of our latest career opportunities.

What are typical entry-level positions?


"When I joined BIOMIN in India, I was excited to know that I am the first female employee for ERBER Group in India. I am Data Analyst and Process Support Executive and I handle the CRM process, data analysis, and coordinate sales and marketing activities. My typical workday involves interacting with colleagues from sales, marketing, and administrative functions and supporting them in their activities. I graduated with a degree in computer science and I really appreciate the learning & development opportunities extended by BIOMIN to its employees.”

Julia talks about being a R&D technician at Romer Labs

Lilian talks about being a Product Manager at Romer Labs

Manuel talks about being a Research Technician at BIOMIN

Jakob talks about being a Project Specialist at ERBER Group

Having a good start

Starting with a new company, especially if you are not so experienced in the professional world yet, may bring along a lot of questions and some insecurities. To give everybody the very best start into the new role we offer structured onboarding with an orientation training for new colleagues to learn about ERBER Group and our processes. For technical positions, special product training sessions are scheduled, as well. We made the experience that questions pop up along the way therefore, the direct superior and an assigned buddy in the new colleague’s department are the first points of contact. As we live an open door culture, it is easy to ask questions or to reach out for a helping hand.

Your personal development

It is in our mutual interest to develop young professionals to experienced professionals. This is the reason why we tend to hand over responsibility very early – learning by doing in interesting projects is still the best way to progress. Still, experienced colleagues are always available to assist. That’s how you can leave sustainable ‘foodprints’ at ERBER Group.

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