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Our corporate social responsibility program

At ERBER Group, our commitment to corporate social responsibility stems from our corporate values and the shareholding family’s deep belief in sustainability and building long-term partnerships across the globe for a better future.

We cooperate with local partners to promote efforts in agriculture, education, women’s issues and development that empower local communities to live a better life. It needs active involvement of people and monitoring to ensure the success of social projects.  

Since 2009 the company has been supporting social projects around the globe.


The repaired dam should ensure the safety of people’s lives and property during the flood season. In addition to infrastructure improvements, garbage removal and landscaping have enhanced the village as well.

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iStock / Peeter Viisimaa
iStock / Peeter Viisimaa

We support projects around the globe - Operating in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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Worldwide supported projects

Further projects


A report on the social commitment of ERBER Group for an agricultural development project in Mongata

Chad: Development of young entrepreneurs

Our project supports the vocational training of young people. We encourage them to organize into groups in which they are trained to become young entrepreneurs in gardening and fishing.

Water project in Chengde, China

Huangtuliang Village, located in the remote mountainous areas of the northern part of Chengde City, Hebei province in China, is a national poverty village. More than 100 households and over 300 people...

Project cooperations

Jesuiten Weltweit 

Bauern für Bauern

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