Erich Erber honoured by receiving PhD hc from Kasetsart University

The university council had already decided on June 23rd, 2014, to award him the degree “Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Nutrition and Food Technology Honoris Causa”. BIOMIN and ERBER GROUP have collaborated with Kasetsart University for many years. Erich Erber has held talks at the campus and various trials and other research work have been jointly conducted. This fact and the overall contribution to the field of Thai agriculture and animal nutrition development led the university council to bestow the honorary degree. Kasetsart University, the oldest and largest agricultural university in Thailand, is also a talent pool from which BIOMIN Thailand is continuously able to tap.

“I feel very proud of this recognition and honour bestowed by this title to my lifelong work in the improvement of animal and human nutrition. I am now a proud member of the KU alumni!” says Erich Erber about this distinction.