ERBER Group Strengthens Animal Health Capabilities with IPEVE Acquisition

from left to right: Dr. Jan Vanbrabant, Marco Gama, Prof. Ernane Fagundes do Nascimento, Dr. Hélen Bernadete Coelho Ferreira, Prof. Ronaldo Reis and Dr. Erich Erber

ERBER Group announced its purchase of autogenous vaccines and diagnostic services firm IPEVE, which will become part of SANPHAR, the group’s animal health unit.

Autogenous vaccines are an important tool in animal health, particularly when commercial vaccines are not available. Applied to farm animals, autogenous vaccines support sustainable food production and the reduction of antibiotic use. The market for autogenous vaccines is expected to develop rapidly in the future.

Jan Vanbrabant, Chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board and acting Managing Director of SANPHAR: “This marks an important step for ERBER Group in the area of animal vaccines. With the addition of IPEVE, SANPHAR doubles its number of employees and reinforces it already strong presence in Brazil. Looking ahead, we have high hopes for our animal health unit in Brazil and beyond.”

Erich Erber, Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ERBER Group: “We are pleased to welcome IPEVE to the ERBER Group of companies. IPEVE has a well-founded reputation for being a pioneer in Brazil in the field of autogenous vaccines, making it a great fit in our family of companies that lead state-of-the-art innovation to promote food and feed safety.”

Marco Gama, Managing Director LATAM of SANPHAR: “The risk posed by pathogens is dynamic, meaning that new or different threats can emerge in different systems or locations. Hence, there is a clear need to boost farm animals’ immune function with tailor-made solutions. With acquisition of IPEVE, SANPHAR is well-positioned to support safe and sustainable food production going forward. We will explore the synergy between the two businesses to extend additional technical support to our customers.”

The owners of IPEVE, Prof. Ronaldo Reis, Prof. Ernane Fagundes do Nascimento and Dr. Hélen Bernadete Coelho Ferreira stated: “We founded IPEVE with a clear vision to deliver research-based, innovative solutions to ensure profitable food production, animal health and food safety. We are confident that this work will continue and make an increasingly important contribution to the food industry and society under the guidance of SANPHAR and ERBER Group.”


ERBER Group is a leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety, focusing on natural feed additives, feed and food analysis and plant/crop protection with headquarters in Austria/Getzersdorf. It generated a turnover of more than 350 million euros in 2018. ERBER Group consists of BIOMIN, ROMER LABS, SANPHAR and EFB. Including distribution partners, ERBER Group is represented in more than 130 countries worldwide. The international orientation and the in-house research and development are important success factors for the annual growth.

ERBER Group is an expert organization and world leader in the original core business of mycotoxin risk management. Powerful in-house research and development provides the basis for developing customer-focused and innovative solutions, which is particularly supported by collaborations with renowned universities and research institutions.

The company was founded in 1983 as "ERBER KG” by Erich und Margarete Erber in Pottenbrunn (Austria) and was renamed later on “BIOMIN GmbH" and is still family run.


SANPHAR develops veterinary solutions to improve animal health for livestock and aquaculture with an emphasis on disease prevention. In-depth knowledge and top diagnostic services enable our animal health experts to recommend biosecurity, preventative and therapeutic solutions that work to achieve a productive herd health status. Environmental preservation and sustainability in all its processes and products is a key value of the company. Our continually expanding footprint covers countries throughout Latin America (Brazil, Mexico) and Asia (Vietnam, Singapore).


Founded in 1988 by Prof. Ronaldo Reis, Prof. Ernane Fagundes Nascimento and Dr.Helen Ferreira, the Instituto de Pesquisas Veterinárias Especializa in Portuguese or Specialized Veterinary Research Institute (IPEVE) is a pioneer in herd-specific autogenous vaccines. Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, IPEVE is the second largest autogenous vaccine producer as measured by turnover. Its commitment to quality is evidenced by ISO 17025, CGRE/INMETRO and GMP certifications.