ERBER Group publishes its second sustainability report

Under the slogan Pioneers - Partners – Performers, ERBER Group published a comprehensive sustainability report together with its affiliated companies BIOMIN and ROMER LABS for the second time. The report comprises all information on sustainable activities in the financial years of 2017 and 2018, based on the internationally recognized GRI standard ”in accordance with” Core level.

In three chapters, ERBER Group’s sustainability report 2017/18 describes the status quo of the organization regarding sustainable action and the assumption of social responsibility. In addition to economic growth and success, social and ecological aspects in its business activities are also taken into account.

ERBER Group’s principles are based on sustainable strategies. This is to guarantee improvement of efficiency and the quality of feed and food safety. ERBER Group has set the goal of achieving a long-term balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility.

The current report describes specific performance data and information on implemented programs and planned measures in the fields of economy, ecology and environment; likewise the responsibility to establish a corporate culture based on high social standards and long-term development opportunities in order to offer employees the best possible working environment. ERBER Group’s focus in this respect lies in the fields of employment & working conditions, education and training, as well as health and safety in the workplace.

Regarding the environment, ERBER Group also pursues a holistic and global approach with the aim of reducing the use of energy and resources to a minimum. Economic growth, however, is no contradiction to responsible handling of our environment if it leads to new innovation potential, new solutions and products. The focus of the company lies particularly on the use of resources such as energy in production and sales in order to contribute to the limitation of climate change and its effects and to minimize the share of non-renewable packaging materials: In FY18, the share of cardboard and paper in packaging materials was already 80%, additionally, ERBER Group managed to increase the electricity production of its own photovoltaic system by 20% from FY17 to FY18, for example.

Environmental aspects are also a concern of corporate policy, e.g. in the fields of facility and purchasing. All affiliates of ERBER Group are searching for possibilities to reduce greenhouse gases across the entire production chain. Measures taken range from global approaches, such as the reduction of non-renewable resources, to individual process optimization.

ERBER Group’s goal is to be climate neutral by 2023 in relation to direct emission (Scope 1).

Sustainability needs continuous commitment

ERBER Group believes in the importance of using natural resources efficiently, which is also reflected in our corporate vision: to find innovative and sustainable solutions for the food and feed industry.

Jan Vanbrabant, PhD, Chairman of the ERBER AG board, says: “We have been working on ambitious sustainability goals for a long time and every day we come a little bit closer. The relation to important stakeholders is the basis for ERBER Group for doing responsible business and for the development of activities within the scope of sustainability. We see this as a central element of our corporate history and our future.

In this context, I am happy to announce that Claudia Hajdinyak (responsible for controlling and coordinating all report agendas) is additionally taking over the responsibility at Group level of coordinating the sustainability agendas for resource-conserving growth within ERBER Group in her role as Head of Corporate Communications.”

Where can you get the report?

The sustainability report 2017/18 can be downloaded free of charge: