ERBER Group publishes its 1st sustainability report

GETZERSDORF, Lower Austria - June 13, 2017 – "Passion - People - Profit“ is the title of ERBER Group’s first comprehensive sustainability report, published in collaboration with its subsidiaries Opens external link in new windowBIOMIN and Opens external link in new windowROMER LABS. The report contains all the information on sustainable action for the 2015/16 fiscal years and is based on GRI’s current, internationally recognized standards “in accordance” with the Core option. ERBER Group compiled its first sustainability report with professional advice from the agency WEITSICHT OG and independent experts from denkstatt GmbH audited and certified it.

With seven chapters in total, ERBER Group’s 2015/16 sustainability report presents the company’s status quo with regard to sustainable action and taking on social responsibility. In addition to economic growth and success, the report also takes the social and ecological aspects of ERBER Group’s business activities into account, two factors of particular importance to the Group. ERBER Group’s principles are based on sustainable strategies in order to ensure that it improves the efficiency, quality and safety of food and feed products.

Specifically, the report includes performance data and information on programs that have been implemented, and it also addresses measures that have been planned with regard to the company, employees, customers, research, products, the environment and social engagement. It emphasizes, among other things, several years of social engagement as well as measures to improve employees’ work-life balance through a broad range of sport and leisure activities. ERBER Group also takes a holistic and global approach to environmental issues, with the goal of reducing the energy and resources it consumes to a minimum. Examples of measures that are also taken into account for tenders include short transportation routes, efficient use of resources at production facilities as well as a global evaluation of distributors and transport companies. Furthermore, all of the Group’s locations in Austria use green power, as well as carbon neutral printer paper and FollowMeTM printers.

The 2015 fiscal year was the first time that the Group also calculated its carbon footprint. The calculation was based on the energy and resources it consumed such as water, paper, raw materials and packaging, as well as the amount of waste produced. The results are used to define additional measures which will continue to reduce emissions and bring the Group closer to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality. ERBER Group’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2023.

Sustainability requires ongoing dedication

The rationale behind ERBER Group’s first sustainability report is not only to present its positive results, but also to address other potential options to improve sustainability and progress in a consistent way.

“ERBER Group managed to achieve a lot the past few years, and we’re proud of that. But, we’re also aware that we still have a long way to go. This sustainability report is the next big step on our path, and the first step toward a structured approach to sustainability. We want to achieve a long-term balance between economic success, protecting the environment and social responsibility,” says Jan Vanbrabant, PhD, the chairman of the board at ERBER AG.

Where can I get a copy of the report?

The 2015/16 sustainability report can be downloaded for free at you can order a hard copy.