ERBER Group opens a new facility in Tulln.

Caption: from left to right: Jan Vanbrabant, PhD (Director of the Executive Board ERBER Group), Dr. Eva Wanzenböck (Managing Director ROMER LABS), Ing. Erich Erber, Phd h.c. (Founder and chairman of the ERBER Group Supervisory Board), Provincial Minister of Lower Austria Dr. Petra Bohuslav and Mayor of Tulln Mag. Peter Eisenschenk Photo credit: Sebastian Phillipp

Getzersdorf, Lower Austria, December 10, 2018 – ROMER LABS, one of ERBER Group’s affiliated companies, is one of the world’s leading providers of diagnostic solutions for the food and feed industry. The newly opened facility in Tulln, Austria with approximately 60 employees stands for innovation and inspiration. It offers a wide range of innovative solutions to detect mycotoxins, food pathogens, food allergens, gluten, genetically modified organisms, traces of veterinary medications and other food contaminants.

The Provincial Minister of Lower Austria, Petra Bohuslav, and the Mayor of Tulln, Peter Eisenschenk, were present at the opening ceremony with Sabine Baumgartner, vice-president of the University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources (BOKU), Vienna and Rudolf Krska, a professor of bioanalytics at BOKU. Erich Erber, the founder of ERBER Group and chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jan Vanbrabant, the chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board, and Eva Wanzenböck, the managing director of ROMER LABS, cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the production facility, while Father Anton Schwinner (retired) offered a prayer of blessing. The total floor area of the building is 4,000 m2, and it houses 60 highly skilled employees active in R&D, production, quality control, analytical lab services and technical support.

“’Making the World’s Food Safer®’ is ROMER LABS’ mission statement, and it has been a priority of ours for decades. Innovation and inspiration are the basis of growth,” is how Eva Wanzenböck explains the company’s philosophy. “We planted a 35-year old bonsai in the courtyard to symbolize the year ERBER Group was founded and for when ROMER LABS moved in this year.”

“We have decided to invest in Austria, sustainably and for the future, as ERBER Group. This attests to a growth trajectory that is clearly international and, at the same time, has an Austrian focus – the new ROMER LABS facility in Tulln is just one of many steps we will be taking over the next few years, and it truly demonstrates that we have ambitious goals on the market. It is a big step toward a future that continues to be successful for the entire ERBER Group”, says a smiling Erich Erber, founder and chairman of the ERBER Group Supervisory Board. “ROMER LABS was founded in Washington, Missouri in 1982 and acquired by ERBER Group in 1999. ROMER LABS’ performance has been incredible over the past few years: Sales have doubled in less than 4 years. Over the next 5 years, ROMER LABS will strive to double sales again and, in doing so, will make a valuable contribution to the entire Group’s organic growth”, says Jan Vanbrabant, chairman of the ERBER Group Executive Board.

Petra Bohuslav, the governor of Lower Austria, praised ERBER Group’s new facility: “I am impressed with the new building – a corporate facility’s architecture always has something to do with corporate culture. Its dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit is very obvious – it shows a strong commitment to Lower Austria as a place. Ultimately, it is companies like ERBER Group that make Lower Austria an attractive place to do business. As a result, Lower Austria as a whole becomes more international; it will also be called on to work as a business partner at the EU level.” She continues, “Our strategic goals in terms of food and feed safety in Lower Austria are to pool and develop competences, more intensive networking between research institutes and companies, and to combine basic and applied research – and that is exactly what ERBER Group stands for.”

Peter Eisenschenk, the mayor of Tulln, was also very pleased with the new production facility: “We feel that our efforts have paid off when an international group of companies like ERBER Group makes an investment worth millions of Euros, in the two-digit range, with their affiliated company ROMER LABS here in Tulln. This keeps jobs here permanently and strengthens the entire region sustainably through long-term value creation.”

ROMER LABS currently has over 700 products for food and feed diagnostics in its portfolio. In addition to sampling systems for microbiological analyses, they offer systems which detect mold toxins, food allergens, pathogens, genetically modified organisms and traces of veterinary medications. “This requires a research focus similar to Professor Krska’s, who is the head of the Department for Agrobiotechnology in Tulln, which is one of the departments at BOKU. In turn, research translates into production more quickly,” says Wanzenböck.