ERBER Group Invests and Expands in North America to Drive Further Growth with BIOMIN and ROMER Labs

A new ERBER Group North American hub office will open in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area later this year, building out new, shared support functions for all ERBER Group divisions and enabling exciting expansion plans to unfold to drive further growth in this key market.

The ERBER Group divisions includes international animal nutrition company, BIOMIN and leading diagnostic solution provider for the agricultural, food and feed industries, ROMER LABS.

“The growth and success that both BIOMIN and ROMER LABS continue to have serving customers over the years provided a clear logic for nurturing their strong potential going forward,” explained Jan Vanbrabant, Chairman of the Executive Board of ERBER Group. “We have an ambitious plan for North America, and ultimately it is our customers who will benefit,” he added.

Central U.S. hub

“We are excited to continue our long-term commitment to investing in the North American market. The central location will allow us to improve the infrastructure support across the group, and bring us closer to more of our customers,” stated Mr Vanbrabant.

The hub, modeled on the success of the ERBER Group structure in Asia Pacific and in Europe, will create new, shared support functions, including infrastructure and IT, for the ERBER Group divisions. Being situated together in one location will encourage and promote internal synergies both within and across the teams.

“Introducing a hub to North America embodies the ERBER Group vision and mission of delivering innovation on an international scale to our customers, while integrating efficiencies into our day-to-day lives,” added Mr Vanbrabant

BIOMIN pursues growth

Over the past two years, BIOMIN has significantly expanded its support for customers in North America through the introduction of new products and services along with robust recruitment. In the United States alone, BIOMIN has added six key account managers, five technical support managers and a sales director swine.

“The expanded product and services portfolio along with greater technical support have enabled us to help customers achieve tangible improvements in their operations,” explained Simon Walley, President of BIOMIN North America. “We intend to replicate the success we’ve seen with clients in the poultry and swine sectors in the ruminants industry,” he added.

ROMER LABS continues success

Alongside its innovative diagnostic solutions offering, ROMER LABS operates an accredited full-service laboratory in the US and three others globally.

“Our customers will continue to receive the same high quality products and services they have come to appreciate,” commented Michael Prinster, Managing Director ROMER America. “There will be no interruption with the implementation of the new hub: we expect to seamlessly improve synergies within the group,” added Mr Prinster.

ROMER LABS will continue to operate facilities in Union, Missouri and Newark, Delaware.