ERBER Group awarded the “Golden BEST RECRUITERS Seal 2018/19”

Caption: from left to right: Dr. Johannes Kopf (Vorstand AMS), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Elšik (Vorstand des Instituts für Personalmanagement der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), Birgit Leitner MA & Melanie Zorn MA (ERBER Group), Dr. Heinz Flatnitzer (Vorstand ERBER Group), Susanna Schreiner & Mag. (FH) Kai Lie Chu (ERBER Group), Markus Gruber (Geschäftsführer GPK Event- und Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH) Fotocredit: @Philipp Lipiarski

Getzersdorf/Lower Austria, November 22, 2018 –BEST RECRUITERS has tested the recruiting quality of the top 500 employers in Austria for the ninth time in a row. The crème de la crème of recruiting received accolades in an awards ceremony at the Novomatic Forum in Vienna on 20 November, 2018.

ERBER Group received first place in the industry ranking for pharma/biotechnology and 13 place overall. Heinz Flatnitzer, Director of the Executive Board HR and Corporate Communications at ERBER Group, accepted the prize – the Golden BEST RECRUITERS Seal 2018/19 – at the awards ceremony on behalf of the company. He was very pleased about receiving first place once again, “Finding, hiring and retaining the right employees is one of the most important tasks for our recruiting team and our managers; it’s how we reach our growth target of 15% p.a. That’s why an extremely professional recruiting process is very important to us. I’m very happy that BEST RECRUITERS has continued to place us among their top employers over the years. This shows that our quality demands are also visible to the outside.”

ERBER Group and its daughter companies BIOMIN and ROMER LABS are one of the world’s leading group of companies, operating in a niche market in the biotech industry, and they are considered to be a “Hidden Champion”. ERBER Group currently employs approximately 1,400 people; 300 new positions will be created by 2021. “ERBER Group’s continuous growth, the rapid rate at which networking and digitization are increasing and workplace environments that are constantly changing also entail new tasks and challenges for Human Resources. Nowadays, you need to have a good software for the entire administration process and a ‘mobile’ public image. The same is also true of a company’s social media presence. We have been doing more ‘active sourcing’ over the last two years,” says Heinz Flatnitzer.

“Plus, our recruiters are receiving more and more inquiries and applications through their personal profiles on a variety of business platforms. The challenge for HR is to select the ideal candidate – in close collaboration with our management staff – from a pool of applicants, get them on board, continue to ensure their development and to retain them in the long term.” BEST RECRUITERS conducts an annual study on the recruiting quality of the top employers in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria using 133 scientific criteria classified under 4 different categories. With its highly detailed findings and the resulting optimization strategies for employers, the study makes an important contribution to promoting quality in the recruitment process.