ERBER Group Adds to ROMER LABS in UK with Acquisition

ROMER LABS, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industries and a strategic business unit of the ERBER Group, expands its food allergen analytical service capabilities with the recent acquisition of Food Allergen Centre (FAC), a UKAS-accredited analytical services laboratory located in Wells, Somerset in the United Kingdom.

Romer Labs now owns 100% of shares in Food Allergen Centre, which will be operated as a subsidiary of Romer Labs UK Ltd. under the name ROMER LABS FAC.

The acquisition represents yet another milestone for ROMER LABS and parent company ERBER Group in the rapidly growing food allergen testing market.

Established in 2008, FAC has distinguished itself through exceptional service and tailored solutions for a variety of customers in the food and drink industries and contract laboratories. With expertise drawn from backgrounds in these sectors as well as public analyst laboratories, FAC has developed a broad portfolio of food allergen services, including ELISA and enzymatic methods for a variety of analytes such as lactose, gluten, egg, milk proteins and soya.

Eva Wanzenböck, Managing Director, ROMER LABS, is pleased to welcome FAC to ROMER LABS: “With the acquisition of FAC, we are underscoring our commitment to excellence in food allergen testing in the United Kingdom. FAC has a superb reputation in the analytical community there, and their capabilities are a fine complement to our already robust portfolio of allergen testing solutions in the UK. We welcome our new colleagues and look forward to working together to serve the food production and food analysis sectors in the UK and beyond.”

John Summers, Laboratory Director, ROMER LABS FAC, commented: “The dangers that food with allergenic content can pose to those with food allergies cannot be overestimated. Precision in food allergen testing is crucial to the health of millions of consumers worldwide. As the former owner of FAC and now the lab director of ROMER LABS FAC, I look forward to continuing to emphasize those values that have guided us to success since our founding: customer service, scientific excellence and efficiency.”

Romer Labs

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