ERBER AG Lower Austria’s best international company

ERBER AG received first place in the category “International companies in Lower Austria.” This is the most important business award in the country, which was awarded for the first time 20 years ago. Heinz Flatnitzer, a member of ERBER AG’s Executive Board, accepted the award on behalf of the company. “Decisive factors for our success include our international orientation and the high-performance R&D within the company, which forms the basis for customer-focused, innovative solutions. In turn, cooperation with renowned universities and research institutes help us find these solutions,” says a smiling Flatnizer about the company’s first-place award. “An additional factor is our employees’ qualifications, which we are happy to invest in. To retain employees in the long term, we need to make sure they have opportunities for personal development.”

ERBER Group and its affiliated companies BIOMIN and ROMER LABS are one of the world’s leading group of companies, operating in a niche market in the biotech industry, and they are considered to be a “Hidden Champion”. ERBER Group currently employs approximately 1,400 people around the globe; 300 new positions will be created by 2021.

In late 2017, ERBER Group opened its new BIOMIN production facility in Wuxi, China. “China is our largest potential single market. For our success in this market, it is important that we are able to supply our customers with locally produced goods,” says Flatnitzer. “Sustainability is also becoming more important in China, and that means we can work with our customers and our solutions for antibiotic free feed, which ensures more sustainable animal production.”

In addition to becoming more international and offering ongoing support to global customers, ERBER Group continues to retain its ties to Austria. For example, it recently began building a new BIOMIN production facility in Haag am Hausruck in Upper Austria. Due to strong growth, ERBER Group was also able to complete construction of the new ROMER LABS facility in Tulln this summer, which will be celebrated at an opening ceremony on December 6. “We will continue to invest in new fields of business in 2019: EFB, Erber Future Business, which is our ‘in-house incubator’ – an innovative, international ERBER Group business that specializes in biotechnology,” adds Flatnitzer.