ERBER AG awarded with “Leitbetriebe Austria” certificate

Caption: from left to right: Dr. Heinz Flatnitzer, Director of the Executive Board and Birgit Leitner, MA (both ERBER Group), Mag. Monica Rintersbacher (Leitbetriebe Austria Managing Director)
Fotocredit: @Sabine Klimpt

ERBER Group sees itself as an expert organization and global market leader in their core competence of mycotoxin risk management. Its international approach and in-house research and development department are key factors of their success and have been contributing to their constant growth over the past 30 years – in a sustainable and forward-thinking way. In becoming a member of the network of “Leitbetriebe Austria”, ERBER Group is delighted to receive yet another award emphasizing once again the high-level quality standards in the group of companies.

Mag. Monica Rintersbacher, Leitbetriebe Austria Managing Director says: “The outstanding leading companies form the backbone of the Austrian economy. They are successful on a long-term basis because sustainability is part of their DNA, and they implement it consistently. Derived from this mindset we define the requirements of Leitbetriebe Austria for a certificate to be awarded: sustainable corporate success, social and ecological responsibility and strong support of the Austrian economy. These leading companies are a major source of innovation and they secure tens of thousands of jobs in the long term. We support these companies with regular joint activities so that they benefit from each other. We inform the business community through targeted communication measures about their excellent formula for success.”

Dr. Heinz Flatnitzer, Director of the Executive Board of ERBER AG, is proud of this latest award for the group of companies, and the certificate issued by Leitbetriebe Austria, the platform of excellence of the Austrian economy: “Our international approach and our own research and development department at our center at the Campus Tulln, in Lower Austria, are key factors of our success and have been contributing to ERBER Group’s growth over the past 30 years – in a sustainable and forward-thinking way. This is what made us what we are today: a worldwide leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety with focusing on natural feed additives, feed and food analysis and biotechnological crop protection with headquarters in Getzersdorf, Lower Austria. I am especially happy that we met the high-level requirements for certification as an Austrian leading company within the scope of the comprehensive screening we had to undergo. This also emphasizes our own high-level quality standards.” To this end, they invest massively in their Austrian sites and therefore in Austria’s economy. “In the next 12 months we plan to create another 100 jobs,” states Heinz Flatnitzer, Director of Human Resource Management & Corporate Communications.

Heinz Flatnitzer adds: “The Leitbetriebe Austria’s requirements are tailor-made for our group of companies: ‘sustainable corporate success’, ‘social and ecological accountability’ and ‘strong support of the Austrian economy’ – these requirements thus coincide very well with the philosophy of our company founder, Erich Erber, PhD h.c., Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of ERBER AG.”