Co-owner and ERBER AG’s Supervisory Board member Erich Erber, PhD h.c. receives state award

State Award Erich ErberErich Erber, PhD h.c. received the Silver Commander’s Cross for Service of Excellence towards the State of Lower Austria (Silbernes Komturkreuz des Ehrenzeichens für Verdienste um das Bundesland Niederösterreich) in acknowledgment and in honor of his many years of commendable work after a laudation by Governor Erwin Pröll at an official ceremony at the Landtagssaal des Niederösterreichischen Landhauses yesterday.

With this award, official Lower Austria acknowledges and honors the merits and services of Erich Erber as founder and co-owner of ERBER AG, which has been his purpose of life for the last 30 years. “You have done great things in your own, unique way“, said Governor Pröll to Erich Erber. “You have been successful as an entrepreneur in Austria, but also internationally”, Mr. Pröll emphasised and he continued: “You started out with a small company and developed it into something great.”

In 1983, Erich Erber laid the basis for ERBER AG and he had a revolutionary, forward-looking approach: He aspired to a natural and innovative solution for animal feed which brings about benefits for the animals, the producers and the environment and provides the basis for a sustainable improvement of efficiency, quality and safety of food and feed products.

As early as the 1980s, his company had become a pioneer in the development of antibiotic-free feed additives for cattle, pigs and poultry.

His goal has always been to find new ways. Innovation, internationalization and integration are Erich’s guidelines for corporate management. His key to success is made of three words: “Passion, People and Profit”, for him this means: If the right people passionately pursue one shared vision, success will automatically follow.

Although Erich Erber withdrew from operative business in 2014, he still has an impact on the company’s future as a member of the supervisory board.

*Fotocredit: @NLK Filzwieser Image legend: Lower Austrian Governor Erwin Pröll awarded Erich Erber, PhD h.c. with the silver Commander’s Cross (Komturkreuz) for his economic and scientific achievements