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CSR ERBER Group - Verein für weltweite Sozialprojekte

We have the vision of a world with safe food that is accessible to everyone. Food security. Food safety.

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Our Current Projects

Afghanistan: CSR ERBER Group aid

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Afghan government has ordered the closure of all educational institutions and programs. It hopes by doing so to limit the spread of COVID-19. Since then, public life has been severely restricted: non-food shops, many markets, street trading, and casual labor are prohibited.

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Paraguay: Mision Guarani

The Mision Guaraní project is about training leaders in the village community, sustainable agriculture, simple entrepreneurship, food production, school education and the provision of teaching materials and books. The faculties of the Catholic University of Itapúa were instrumental in developing the project and promoting access to education for young indigenous students. CSR ERBER Group supports indigenous youth with scholarships.

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Ecuador: Care for our common home

CSR ERBER Group is supporting an ecology project in Ecuador in cooperation with MENSCHEN FÜR ANDERE. With a total area of 5.5 million square kilometres, the Amazon region is not only a "green lung" or "air conditioning system" - an important factor for the ecological balance of the earth - it is also one of the most diverse regions of the world.

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Afghanistan: Reconstructing through Education

Since 2018 CSR ERBER Group is supporting the work of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Afghanistan. The main target are vulnerable youth, especially female and disadvantaged children in Kabul.

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Peru: Guardians of water, soils and forests

CSR ERBER Group is cooperating with CIPCA (Centro de Investigacion y Capacidacion del Campesinado) in Peru over three years to improve the water quality through conservation of the soils and forests in the Singocate Microbasin, District Canchaque Province of Huancabamba, Department Piura.

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DR Congo: We gained their trust

In October, we visited our Farming project in Mongata in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Women were among the first group to join the project. They know what is necessary: food for their children and schooling for them. In midst of all their problems they are full of joy.

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Venezuela: Tumultuous times

In recent years, three million people have fled Venezuela, once considered to be a country of immigration. CSR ERBER Group is supporting JRS, the refugee aid organization of the Jesuits in Latin America, during this humanitarian disaster.

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Syria / Lebanon: Cooking, a step back home

Women prepare food at the Frans van der Lugt center cooking session in Bourj Hammond, Lebanon (Jesuit Refugee Service). The center is supported by CSR ERBER Group.

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Cambodia: A New Future for People with Disabilities

Banteay Prieb training center offers a fresh start to people who face discrimination and isolation. CSR ERBER Group supports the farming programs at the center.

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China: Village development and social partnership

The Chinese government has invited NGOs to participate in village development projects. ERBER Group supports projects in the northern part of the province Hebei through Jinde Charities.

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Austria: Help for farming families in need

Together with CSR ERBER Group, we support development aid projects in agriculture, provide disaster relief, and we are involved in local assistance programs for refugees. At the same time, it was always important for us to offer professional support to people in need here in Austria as well. We have found a very capable partner organization: Bauern für Bauern (Farmers for Farmers).

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Project cooperations

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