Integrated Management Systems

Our mission: to recognize the needs of our business partners and to meet and exceed their expectations. This attitude safeguards our profitability for the future. Our focus: quality, the environment, a safe and secure, as well as a healthy working environment and ethics. This makes us Pioneers, Partners and Performers. We leave footprints to make this world a better place – or in other words: we are leaving foodprints.

Quality Management

Quality means that our customers are able to purchase products and services they can rely on at any time. This is what our customers expect and appreciate. This is why quality is so important to us in everything that we do.

To guarantee this high quality of our products and services, we introduced a quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001  - Requirements for Quality management systems. Our certificate Initiates file downloadISO 9001.


As a pioneer in our industry we are always on the lookout for sustainable solutions. We actively contribute to the conservation of our environment in order to make the world for us and for generations to come a better place worth living in.

We have implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 - Requirements of Environmental management systems. Our certificate Initiates file downloadISO 14001.

Furthermore we are calculating our CO2 emissions according to ISO 14040 - Environmental management – Life cycle assessment. Our certificate Initiates file downloadISO 14040. ERBER Group endeavors to become a CO2 neutral organization applying carbon neutrality to all our processes, employee activities and facilities.

Workplace Safety

We have implemented an overall Occupational Health and Safety Standard at the ERBER Group to ensure our employees can work in a safe workplace. Our goal is to increase the well-being of all our employees and to reduce and prevent occupational accidents at all means.


We implemented ethical standards in order to guarantee an innovative and effective supply chain, sustainable employment and long-term partnerships, as well as  to reduce risk to a minimum and to protect our company reputation.

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