ERBER Group Code of Conduct & Whistleblowing System

We are very proud of what we all have achieved and built up together in this organization. This is reflected in both our economic success and our good reputation beyond our industries. It is therefore of the highest value for us to protect and uphold ERBER Group’s reputation as well as the reputation of its subsidiaries and brands.

This is why we have created a business code of conduct, our ERBER Group Code of Conduct. It is in effect from now on for the entire ERBER Group and all its subsidiaries.

Each and every one of us - owners, managers and employees - is responsible for behaving in line with the principles defined in our code of conduct. It is a guideline and a binding document providing information on how we all must behave in our everyday business life. It comprises the following regulations and principles of conduct:

  • Respect and fairness
  • Environmental protection, human resources, occupational health and safety
  • Fair competition, donations and sponsoring
  • Anti-corruption policies and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Accepting and offering gifts and other gratuities
  • Use of resources, information and social media
  • Behavior and etiquette for ERBER Group employees
  • Conflicts of interest/personal relationships in the workplace

We expect all colleagues – regardless of hierarchy level or position – to adhere to this mandatory code of conduct. Colleagues who witness any illegal activities or violations of the Code of Conduct must report the incident to their superiors immediately. The report may be made in writing or verbally. The employees’ superiors are required to document the incident and report it via email to compliance(at)

If employees fear that they will be disadvantaged in some way, they may submit a report through a representative they trust. It is also possible to submit a report anonymously, either via email to the address above or to the Internal Audit department by mail. All reports will be investigated thoroughly.

In addition to our Code of Conduct, we have set up a whistleblowing system called ERBER Speakout - in certain situations, when all other channels for reporting concerns are inefficient or if the whistleblower is at a disadvantage. This also guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower. The communication tool is managed by an external service provider.

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