New bio-ferm website offers fresh user experience, optimized for mobile devices

In an age of mobile electronic devices, the new bio-ferm website presents a fresh look with ease of navigation on all technology platforms—desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

The new website provides strengthened visual appeal while preserving the content-rich structure and the following new features:

  • Large pictures and attractive visuals offer a modern look that combines both usability and appeal
  • A fire blight risk assessment tool
  • Enhanced navigation
  • New and improved search feature and more

The new bio-ferm website is now available in English and German.

About bio-ferm

bio-ferm is working on the international product registration and marketing of innovative biotechnological plant protection products in viticulture, pome fruit, berries and tomatoes.

bio-ferm solutions offer a unique mode of action: Microorganisms which were isolated from nature and fermented in the laboratory act as antagonists and prevent specifically the infection by pathogens (e.g. botrytis, storage diseases, fire blight). The advantages are: no chemical residues, no resistances, non-GMO production and registered for IP and organic growing systems.

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