Water project in Chengde, China

The village has a river that runs through it, but the protective dam has fallen into disrepair, which poses safety issues in flood season. We united provincial officers in the village office and the village committee to explore how to secure a steady supply of drinking water for the village. It was decided to use the railway tunnel spring water as a water source, which has good water quality and avoids over-exploitation of groundwater.

The dam during construction

Organized to overcome obstacles

We organized the village committee to repair the protective dam. The construction had to overcome the great difficulties in order to allow the villagers to have clean and environmentally-friendly water and to protect the lives and the properties of the villagers during the flood season. In order to ensure the durability of stone of the embankment, we deliberately bought very hard stones. To ensure the quality of the project, the progress was put under the lead of leader Zhang Guofang. Workers use the standard cement, high standard sand and high hardness stone.

Water project during construction

Tap water pipeline

The tap water project included installation of piping system with a full length of more than 5000 meters. The newly contracted main channel runs 1200 meters, and branch pipelines are 1000 meters long. Maintenance work was also conducted on the original main channel and its sub-pipeline—another 2800 meters.

New storage wells, a filter well, and valve wells will now supply the village with safe water through pipes with a life expectancy of 20 years. The central village will have four groups of villagers to take care of regular inspections and maintenance.

Dam construction

The protective dam project included construction of a 1008m3 dam designed to last for over 50 years.

Thank you!

We, on behalf of the villagers, sincerely thank you for your support and help. Through your generosity, the residents of Huangtuliang village are able to have drinkable water. The repaired dam should ensure the safety of people’s lives and property during the flood season. In addition to infrastructure improvements, garbage removal and landscaping have enhanced the village as well.