Independence of Myanmar

To improve the lives of Myanmar’s poor farming families and help them become self-sufficient, the Opens external link in new windowMENSCHEN FÜR ANDERE – JESUIT MISSION acts in the service of the poor and needy. In partnership, ERBER Group aims to help farmers develop new perspectives and achieve greater independence.

Independence of Myanmar

Myanmar was once known as the rice bowl of Asia. But in the 1960s, a socialist dictatorship destroyed the market system. In 1990, the governing military junta opened up to a market economy which encouraged cronyism. Farmers have faced harsh conditions ever since.

Myanmar People

Apart from the man-made disasters, in 2008 a furious tropical storm hit the rice-producing delta, killing thousands. It also salinized agricultural lands. A vicious cycle of debt has been the fate of these farmers for generations. Credit support provided by this project offers a way for local communities to build up local economies and feed the population.

Help farmers become independent

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Through favorable loan terms to families, farmers are able to buy enough rice and seeds in the beginning of the planting season or even hire additional labor during peak periods, such as harvest time.

Newly-built barns provide storage facilities for crops so that farmers may sell at more favorable market prices. Additional community mobilization programs focus on gender sensitization and mother and child nutrition.