Healthy Food For Guatemala

Among the indigenous peoples who constitute 75% of the 14 million inhabitants of Guatemala, nearly half are illiterate and many do not speak Spanish, the country’s official language. The language barrier makes it difficult for many to gain access to the formal labor market or deal with governmental bodies. The key in assisting these people lies in education.

The Latin American Jesuit organization "Fe y Alegria" in collaboration with the Guatemalan government operates 50 educational centers across the country for approximately 15,000 students. These public schools whose teachers are paid by the state. Remaining costs of about €200 per student annually are contributed by "Fe y Alegria" with assistance from the parents and overseas donations.

Healthy food for Guatemala

Extreme poverty and hunger prevails in the departments of Chiquimula and Totonicapán in Guatemala.
Child malnutrition is of particular concern. As such, special nutrition programs have been implemented by the "Fe y Alegria" school centers. The aim is to raise awareness of healthy nutrition and hygiene. Subsequently, the youth are equipped with this knowledge as mentors in their families and villages.

Since 2013, ERBER GROUP is supporting school projects of Fe y Alegria in Guatemala.