Farm training in South Sudan

Since the outbreak of the South - Sudanese civil war in December 2013 more than one million people have fled military violence. As part of the agricultural aid project, MAJIS, the Jesuits manage a multi-educational agricultural center in the village of Akol Jal.

The facilities serve as a place to train people throughout the region. Courses of around 40 participants, mostly women, provide instruction on how to raise chickens and pigs, and how to grow a wide variety of nutritional plants – applying that learning during rain seasons.

120 hectares of land provided by the village chief are fenced in for demonstration fields. A well was drilled. 26 women are employed permanently to work on the demonstration fields. An early success there entailed the first successful grain harvest.

Three courses financed by ERBER Group were held in 2015. More training courses are planned.