CERED - Center for Research and Communication in Sustainable Development

“My analysis is this: the crisis in Rep. Congo is more social and economic than merely political. Prices of basic foodstuffs (maize, cassava, beans and rice) have increased significantly. The little people suffer while the powerful men and women send their families elsewhere.” That is how our project partner, the Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Kinshasa and Director of CERED analyses the actual situation in his home country. Out of the actual crisis we try to accompany and foster the development of farming in food production.

The Centre of Research and Communication for Sustainable Development and the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences are preparing to help farmers to produce by buying their products (cassava, corn, soybeans, rice), storing them in a depository before they bring their products to different markets in town. The project is helping farmers in villages to produce enough food so that they can sell what they are producing and store and process it before it gets to different markets in Kinshasa.

The Project called DEPOSITORY is located in Mongata, 165 km away from Kinshasa, where the center of agroforestry is located. Beneficiaries of the BIOMIN project are 300 farmers in the village of Mongata and consumers in the city of Kinshasa.

The construction of a storage depository for agricultural products is an essential step in the development of the farmers. Now they are able to store the harvest under good conditions. They can process the products into food and other sub products. People in Kinshasa can then purchase these agricultural products on the markets in Kinshasa.

Most important objective of the project is to contribute to the food security of the people in Kinshasa; to build a strategic depository in order to increase storage possibilities for feed and food; the project will help to set up small livestock and poultry production and to process agricultural products into food for the market in the city of Kinshasa.

Indicators of success are the availability of agricultural products in villages; the increase of storage capacities for agricultural products, as well as an increase of the quality of the processed food; the access to consumers of processed food is facilitated and the products are delivered to the markets of Kinshasa.

The project aims to improve the broader socio-economic situation. It promotes a diversification of food production and to find additional sources of food. It creates new jobs and additional sources of income.