A humanitarian agricultural project in Romania

This project aims to afford Roma families the opportunity to engage in small-scale animal husbandry in the backyards of their little houses to produce meat and eggs for themselves and others.

Simona Marti from BIOMIN Romania selected eighteen families who are now learning how to breed Mangalica pigs and keep egg-laying hens over the course of three years. Each family gets ten chickens and a pregnant Mangalica sow, with a member of the project team guiding and supporting the fledgling farmers' efforts.

Each family provides one egg per hen to Elijah for school lunches at the Casa Thomas. The rest of their harvest is theirs to sell or consume. Two piglets out of each litter go to new farmers. After three years of agricultural training and mentored animal husbandry, the families ought to have plenty of experience in keeping chickens and pigs.