Your career with us

Your development is our benefit, because only with successful and well-trained employees can a company be successful in the long run. At ERBER Group we offer executive careers as well as expert careers. Regardless of the direction you may choose or be offered to take, each step on the career path is entitled to the same set of benefits linked to the respective career-level. Also the separation between the two types of careers is not a rigid one: employees may develop from being an expert to being a manager or vice versa.

Executive Career

Our executive careers are focused on the management of business and people. They are driven by responsibility and strategic orientation. The purpose of this career path is to build up future general and process managers. Executives, in general, have more people management responsibilities.

Expert Career

As an expert you focus on your expertise in a certain field and on creating new knowledge. This is how new and innovative business fields can be developed. You support the management with your expertise in taking the right decisions. Experts are the key in our expert organization.

The entry career-level may vary depending on education, training and professional experience. In the course of an annual career assessment meeting you will explore your career opportunities together with your supervisor and define the necessary measures in order to be able to take the next step in your career.

ERBER Group offers training and development for its employees on all hierarchy levels: from internally organized software application trainings to external diplomas or MBA programs. In our Leadership Academy we train talents and give them the tools to perform effectively in their jobs.

Proud of our awards

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