At ERBER Group, we provide equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or special needs. The percentage of female managers equals the percentage of female employees in our company. Diversified teams have a holistic approach and offer more than one point of view.

Equal Opportunities


Even if colleagues are on maternity/paternity leave they are not missing out on the most important information and events. Many stay in touch via social media. Furthermore, you will continue to receive invitations to our major social and team events (e.g. Christmas/year end celebrations), as well as a print version of our quarterly published corporate magazine.

Especially in Austria, where a parental leave can last up to two years, we offer soft re-integration into the work process as soon as our colleagues and their babies feel ready for being apart for a couple of hours per week.

During their maternity leave, our newly minted moms and dads are always welcome visitors to our offices, especially if they bring their babies - and maybe also some cake for their colleagues.


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