Training and Development

Companies are only as good as the people working for them. Therefore training and developing our work force is one important key of our success. Starting from on-boarding to regular in-house trainings on systems, products and work safety to external trainings on social skills, as well as post-graduate training - we provide our employees with a lot they can profit from.

Annual Career Assessment (ACAM)

ACAM is the basis for a career plan at ERBER Group. In this annual meeting, employee and supervisor revise the old and set new professional goals. They also assess if any training measures are necessary to support the employee in reaching them.

Leadership Academy

To grow our future managers from within the organization, we have introduced the ERBER Group Leadership Academy. This two year modular program provides our top talents with the necessary tools to be real Pioneers, Partners and Performers in their jobs.


For positions requiring special technical and social skills (e.g. Product Managers, Technical Sales Managers, Sales Managers,…) individual training-curricula are provided. They are designed as a set of trainings to support our experts in being successful in their jobs and progress in their careers.

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