Partnerships for Success

We want to be top of mind when young talents in our industry are looking for an internship or an entry level position. We therefore closely cooperate with a number of technical colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities. These cooperations may include job postings on career walls, participation in career fairs and other events, guest lectures, memberships and sponsoring in various ways.

As Head of the Alumni Association of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (BOKU), I particularly care about promoting the networking of students and companies. Our main task is to support the graduates in entering professional life, and therefore we constantly organize events in the career sector and cooperate with important employers from the scientific and technical industry.

ERBER Group has been a loyal companion of BOKU alumni for many years. Countless events have been enriched by the experience of ERBER Group. The offer to visit the company at the global headquarters in Getzersdorf and the research facilities in Tulln also attracted many students and graduates. Such excursions offer a unique insight into the work processes and you also learn something about the working atmosphere.

We also like to use the cooperation to take a look behind the scenes: How are the graduates doing their job? Are there career opportunities? How is work-life balance structured? We can answer all these questions positively with a clear conscience after this long cooperation. Every time we look forward to the news that a BOKU graduate starts his/her career at ERBER Group.

There are now more than 80 BOKU graduates working for ERBER Group and this number is constantly increasing! Whether as BIOMIN Research Director or ROMER LABS Managing Director, there are plenty of jobs which have been filled by BOKU graduates and will continue to be filled. We are proud of the joint success at events and the very good cooperation.

Gudrun, Head of Alumni Association, BOKU


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