At ERBER Group, internships are an excellent opportunity to get a foot in the door. Take a look at what our colleagues say:


“I was in my mid-30s when I decided to go to university and to do a master in Marketing and Sales. In the third semester we were required to do an internship. So I applied at ERBER Group. Why? It was (and still is) a successful and international corporation located in the region where I lived and studied. I was placed at the Human Resources department to coordinate the company’s first steps in the area of Employer Branding and HR-Marketing. The projects were most interesting. In the course of the internship I was already asked, whether I wanted to join ERBER Group as Employer Brand Manager as soon as I have graduated. Definitely! Now I am in charge of steering and coordinating the Employer Branding agenda of ERBER Group world wide.”


“After completing an internship at BIOMIN as part of my studies in food and biotechnology, I was given the opportunity to continue to gain practical experience as a student assistant in one of the BIOMIN research laboratories. I profoundly deepened my knowledge also as part of my diploma thesis and dissertation with BIOMIN. I was given the task of directing the project around the topic of my thesis and after completing my dissertation I was able to continue the project and then take over new projects and tasks. I started in a small research team and witnessed how the research department of BIOMIN evolved and expanded over the years. For me, the link between the development of new feed additives and their use at the farm of my parents is also very exciting.”


“I studied Food Science in Piracicaba (Brazil). From the beginning I was very motivated to also gain practical experience. So I searched for an internship to complement my studies and I found it at "BIOMIN do Brasil" in the Quality Control Laboratory and Quality Assurance. For 2 years I worked as an intern during the day and went to university in the evening. It was worth the effort! When the internship ended I was hired and supported BIOMIN to establish good manufacturing practices in Brazil and to achieve and maintain the GMP+ certificate. I also obtained a specialization in IMS (Integrated Management Systems) and after some years I accepted the challenge of an internal change and moved to Austria to have more responsibilities as a Quality Manager on corporate level and to work in even more exciting projects. Moving to Austria has been an amazing experience, I face new challenges every day both at work and in life – and I like it.”

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