The next generation of Pioneers, Partners & Performers must be supported! For this reason, ERBER Group offers internships for pupils and students. For you, it is a good opportunity to take a look at work life. For us it is the chance to get to know potential future employees. Open internships are published on our online job portal. The application process is the same, as with "normal" positions.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

In which fields is it possible to do an internship?

Mainly in Research & Development (R&D), but depending on the projects, there are sometimes also possibilities in marketing, Quality Management (QM), Sales, or production & procurement (P&P). Please check the online job portal on our websites for currently available internships.

Which areas in R&D are there at BIOMIN

  • GUTomics
  • Discovery and scouting
  • Enzymology
  • Bioprocess development
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Cell biology
  • Bioactive ingredient formulation (BIF)
  • Feeding trials

Which areas in R&D are there at ROMER LABS?

  • Lateral flow test development
  • Mycotoxin reference materials
  • Analytical services

How long should an internship last at least?

In R&D a minimum of 2 months and in other departments a minimum of 1 month; but in general: the longer the better. Start date: always first of month.

When is it possible to do an internship?

From June/July to October

How many working hours do I usually have to invest during an internship?

Internships are full-time positions – flexibility pre-requisite.

When can I apply for an internship?

  • Application period: October and January
  • Interviews: conducted from February to March
  • Final decisions will be taken in April

Is it possible to do an internship abroad?

Yes, it is possible to do an internship abroad. For those that wat to apply for an internship in the EMA-Region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) this will be organized and coordinate directly from our headquarters in Austria.

For applicants those that would like to apply for an internship in production or R&D in one of our subsidiaries in North-, South-America, or Asia please refer to the HR manager in charge of the country/region you want to work in. You find the contacts under “Global HR-Team”.

Does the ERBER Group support bachelor, master, diploma or PhD theses?

We support theses in relevant fields of our research and business, therefore we are happy to provide students with topics of our current research projects. Please check our online job portal for currently available thesis topics.

How about theses for A-level exams?

Please send your request to jobs(at) We then check internal requirements with the relevant department and get back to you.

You think that your personal thesis topic is of interest to us?

Convince us! Send your application with a detailed description of your thesis topic.

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