Any other interesting areas of profession?

A global organization like ERBER Group is definitely not solely run by general management, sales, product management, technical sales and R&D. Due to our growth we constantly provide new opportunities in a number of other fields of profession (e.g.: production and procurement, marketing, human resources, finance, controlling, accounting, internal audit, IT, general administration, facility management, mergers and acquisitions,…). Check our open positions on a regular basis or set a job alert to receive instant notifications about new openings.

And, starting in one process or one division does not mean, that you have to stay there forever. We can provide a number of examples where colleagues started and progressed their career in one department and then developed in a quite different field. Such as Karin, who started in R&D during her studies and is now Marketing Manager at BIOMIN:


“I already worked for BIOMIN as Scientist at the research campus in Tulln (Austria) during my master studies in ‘biotechnological processes’. I was always fascinated by the interrelation between science and the market. So after graduation I took the chance and internally applied for a position as Product Manager – and I got the job. Meanwhile I am Marketing Manager at the BIOMIN headquarters in Getzersdorf. Looking back, a really exciting career so far!”


“I started my career in the BIOMIN Romania office as a Sales Assistant. Soon after finishing my studies, I was promoted to Marketing Manager in the local subsidiary. A couple of years later I moved to Austria and joined the marketing team in the headquarters. During that time the company also supported my part-time MBA studies. Now, as Division Marketing Director at ROMER LABS, I also ensure a smooth, two-way marketing knowledge transfer between the two divisions.”

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