Working for ERBER Group means leaving 'foodprints' for a better world!

We are a leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety, focusing on natural feed additives, feed and food analysis. Our global headquarters are in Austria. Since October 1, 2020 ERBER Group is a DSM company and consists of BIOMIN and ROMER LABS. Sales partners included, we are represented in more than 130 countries - in about 38 we have our own business units. Our international focus and our in-house research and development are key elements of our success and have contributed to our growth for more than 35 years – sustainably and in a forward-thinking way.

At ERBER Group we live the culture of Pioneers, Partners and Performers. For us, 'leaving foodprints' means making a significant contribution to the feed and food industry.

Leave your foodprint with us

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