ERBER Group Companies

ERBER Group consists of BIOMIN and ROMER LABS


ERBER Group is a leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety, with focusing on natural feed additives as well as feed and food analysis with headquarters in Austria/Getzersdorf. ERBER Group consists of BIOMIN and ROMER LABS. Including distribution partners, ERBER Group is represented in more than 130 countries worldwide. The international orientation and the in-house research and development are important success factors for the annual growth.

ERBER Group is an expert organization and world leader in the original core business of mycotoxin risk management. Powerful in-house research and development provides the basis for developing customer-focused and innovative solutions, which is particularly supported by collaborations with renowned universities and research institutions.

The company was founded in 1983 as "BIOMIN GmbH" by Erich und Margarete Erber in Pottenbrunn (Austria) and is today part of DSM.

As Pioneers, Partners and Performers we are leaving foodprints.


At BIOMIN we develop and produce feed additives and pre-mixes in a sustainable way and on the highest level of quality for healthy and productive animals and a profitable industry. This also includes solutions for mycotoxin risk management, and an innovative concept for natural performance increase and other specific solutions for pigs, poultry and ruminants.

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Romer Labs

ROMER LABS develops leading diagnostic solutions for food safety. Due to pioneering research and development and our international sales network we have consistently been growing for the last 30 years, making our world’s food safer!

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